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  • ”Why

    Why do we make medical laboratory test?

    Medical laboratory tests are considered as complements to doctor’s career. Diagnosing cases depends principally on these tests including results, x-rays , clinical examination, and the individual complaints. In addition, following a patient’s case and knowing his response toward the medicine are evaluated through specific laboratory tests.

  • ”Do

    Do we have to fast for every test? And how long do we have to?

    There are many tests that don’t require fasting. However, it is preferred to fast before making any medical test, and some tests require fasting in order to have the results in the contrary of the normal conditions. For example, in a triglyceride test, the result can’t be considered unless it the sample is taken during fasting, for it is apparently affected by eating. Ten hours of fasting are enough for most of test.

  • ”Do

    Do the drugs and medicines that we take affect the result?

    There are certain tests that could be affected by certain kinds of drugs and medicines. So, we have to tell the doctors about these medicines and the doses we take.

  • ”Does

    Does smoking affect the tests results?

    Smoking is in general harmful, but its effect on tests results is very limited.

  • ”What

    What are the tests to which we have to take appointments in advance?

    Most tests don’t need appointments in advance. Anyway, we recommend you to contact our branches to make sure of the steps you have to do before making any test, and whether there is any required procedure to take for the accuracy of results.

  • ”Can

    Can I have the result from a branch other that the one in which I made the test?

    Of course you can. Since December, 12th 2007, we have linked our branches all together through a computing web. Thus, you can have your result from any branch.

  • ”What

    What tests do we have to do before marriage?

    This kind of tests differs from a society to another depending according to the genetic features in these societies. In Palestine, we have the feature of Thalassemia. So it is required to make a Thalassemia test.

  • ”When

    When do we have to make a medical test?

    Usually, we make medical tests according to doctors’ requests. However, some people who are younger than 40 years make essential tests like those of haemoglobin, diabetes, cholesterol, and triglycerides every two years or even more as so far as they are in normal conditions.
    For those who genetically infected (e.g.: cholesterol), they are recommended to make tests regularly in order to detect these diseases early and follow them.

  • ”What

    What tests are recommended for the ladies older than 40 years?

    For those ladies we recommend to make the following tests:
    CBC,ESR,CREATININE,TSH,URIC ACID, Triglyceride, .Cholesterol, FBs, GPI ,Urine analysis , Calcium
    These tests shows the body status in regard of hemoglobin, diabetes, cholesterol, liver, kidneys, calcium, and other minerals, in addition to thyroid gland, urine, inflammation, and rheumatic.

  • ”What

    What tests are recommended for men older than 40 years?

    In addition to the ladies tests in this age, we recommend to make a PSA test once every two years to follow the status of the prostate.

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