Medicare is a Palestinian company established in 1995. It trains the best capacities and experiences in the different branches of the laboratory medicine field.

    Nowadays, it consists of a chain of 13 laboratories spread in Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Al-Eizaria, Bethlehem, Tolkarem and Jenin. Therefore, it offers the best laboratory medical services for as many citizens as possible.

Our vision

1995 saw the inception of, what is today, a national leader in the clinical diagnostic laboratories field. From the beginning of a business which served three Palestinian localities, the company has not only expanded its portfolio 13 branches distributed in eight major cities in the West bank, but also, through expanding the tests list to include more than 800 service and tests in all laboratory disciplines.

We believe that every citizen has the right to have proper and advanced medical services of suitable prices and good qualities. In addition, we believe that providing such facilities is considered as the place where the specialized laboratory medicine knowledge, science, and skills are practiced and applied. A citizen who lacked for such services, and who was compelled to have them abroad, is worth having them in Palestine. Also our laboratories are considered as a means of communication with the medicine field and of perception of the newest laboratory medical applications. In this case, a doctor is capable of communicating and knowing how to make tests and other technical issues he needs about his patients; they will be within reach and with the international standards.



Our objectives

We aim to deliver the best laboratory medicine services and to develop this branch of science in Palestine. Therefore, we employ the best experiences and use the newest devices and the most advanced technologies.

We do all that in order to become the pioneer laboratory group in our country and in order to help the Palestinian citizen to have advanced medical services. As a conclusion, not only we offer mere tests results, but also we offer a complete laboratory medicine for both doctors and patients.