Lab Guide 2

We are delighted to publish the second edition of our Laboratory Synopsis Hand book. In this edition, we have updated all tests of the previous one by adding further needed information related to patient preparation, test’s abstract, sample stability, turnaround time and critical values for some tests. Test entries are arranged alphabetically. Clinical laboratories are continuously changing to meet the needs of public and medical profession. Lab. Synopsis is designed to be a simple yet extremely efficient on-hand medical laboratory test guide for physicians, nurses, laboratory directors, medical technologists and anyone interested in information on laboratory tests. I would like to thank our team, who put their maximum efforts in all Medicare branches to end up with a pioneer company in the field of clinical laboratories. . Open Lab Guide Now!

Patient Pamphlets

 Over the past fifteen years, Medicare scientific and marketing staff has been building a library of simple, easy-to-read bilingual pamphlets (English & Arabic) for patients to read in our laboratories or to take home, covering topics that range from Anemia, to Vitamin deficiencies to Diabetes to Prenatal Care. These patient brochures are constantly revised and updated and new ones are periodically added, and have proved to be extremely popular with all our patients.