Microbiology Unit

We provide a comprehensive microbiology service for the investigation of infectious diseases in all specimens referred. All the isolation and diagnostic steps are performed according to the international standards. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing is one of the most important procedure in this unit, as it provides the physicians with the appropriate antibiotics that could be used to treat bacterial infections from all the sites of the body.

Immunology Unit

The Clinical Immunology unit at Medicare labs provides a comprehensive immunology service, supported by an expert scientific and clinical team. We offer a comprehensive range of investigations to assist clinicians caring for those with autoimmune, rheumatological, renal, allergic, gastrointestinal disorders and infectious conditions.  

Hematology Unit

This unit receives the samples of blood and plasma to perform a group of tests according to the desire of a doctor or a patient. For example, there are tests like CBC (Complete Blood Count), microscopic examinations, and blood coagulation tests. All these tests are made by using the newest devices and tools, in addition to a highly trained and skilled technical team in diagnosing different symptoms

Biochemistry Unit

The biochemistry unit of Medicare Laboratories offers one of the most extensive testing services in Palestine. Analyses of vitamins, hormones, trace metals, lipids, tumor markers and drugs is provided for patients. Referrals are accepted from the wider community as well as from health care providers.


Histopathology Unit

The Histopathology Unit comprises a consultant-led team providing a comprehensive tissue-based diagnostic service. We provide a diagnostic referral service for many hospitals and medical centers in the West Bank. Both routine histopathology and immunohistochemistry are offered in this unit by a highly qualified surgical pathologists.  

Food Microbiology Unit

Medicare Food Microbiology Laboratory provides microbiology testing services, advice, training and consultancy for clients. The laboratory carries out a wide range of microbiological tests including:

  • general hygiene screens for food samples and surface swabs
  • presence of pathogens such as salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, vibrio and E. coli O157
  • spoilage organisms such as yeasts and molds
  • swimming and spa pool water quality
  • Legionella and pseudomonas in water supplies


Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit

The Genetics unit provides an extensive range of Molecular Genetics diagnostic testing services. Diagnostic, carrier and predictive testing is offered for a comprehensive range of single gene disorders. Almost, all common mutations tests that can be found in the Palestinian population are available in this unit, and the rare ones are referred to other referral reliable labs.