About Us

Welcome to Medicare

In 1995, Medicare was founded. After launching its first branch in Ramallah, Medicare gradually expanded, eventually becoming the largest private laboratories network in Palestine. With 30 branches throughout the West Bank, Medicare currently has a at least one branch in each Palestinian city; nonetheless, one of Medicare’s Ramallah branches serves as Medicare’s headquarters. 

You can access more than 1400 medical tests at our branches, as our fundamental values are all about providing high quality services while also raising the bar for the healthcare services provided locally and taking full advantage of our 26 years of experience in the field. The availability of this broad range of tests is meant to assist doctors to level up the overall set of medical services in Palestine, in addition to meeting the health needs of every Palestinian citizen. Your Trust in Medicare is the drive that keeps us moving forward, while continuously making positive contributions to Palestine’s healthcare system.

Our Goal

Delivering up-to-date medical services and essential health-related consultations, by highly qualified health experts, through utilizing top-notch advanced laboratory technologies. Going the extra mile to stay ahead, while providing the best care available for every Palestinian.

Our Vision

Granting each Palestinian citizen immediate access to sophisticated, high quality healthcare services, in line with Medicare’s ongoing commitment to offering the most recent applications in the medical sciences field.

Comprehensive Medical Tests & Advanced Departments

PCR Corona Testing Service

PCR corona tests required by The Palestinian Ministry of Health are available, accuracy guranteed

Home Sample Collection Service

Our experts can visit you at home or at work to collect samples for various tests, saving you time and effort

Medical Tests Service

Get access to more than 1400 medical tests, a diverse set that will cover your overall health needs