At Medicare, we take great pride in providing both individuals and groups with the greatest medical checkup services in Palestine. Our top-notch services are provided by a group of skilled doctors and laboratory experts, and each sample is processed using cutting-edge lab machinery and technology. It is worth mentioning that we constantly work to make it simpler for all of our clients to access test results by utilizing advanced and hassle-free technologies.

Medicare tests include more than 1,400 laboratory tests and diagnosis procedures. The tests available cover the majority of the tests a doctor would order for a patient, thus our services aim to help each clinician to reach an accurate diagnosis and handle the case appropriately going forward.

Medicare has been offering the home sample collection service for years now, this service allows the patients to order tests and have them done at home, without needing to visit any of Medicare’s branches, such option may come in handy for many categories, such as business men, the elderly, and patients physically incapable of heading to the lab.  A time for the service delivery can be scheduled by calling Medicare Labs in advance at 1700110111 or 0597444714 and giving the employee in charge the needed information.

Throughout its branches across Palestine, Medicare offers the fast corona virus tests and corona antibodies tests, in addition to the PCR corona tests that are required by the Palestinian Ministry of Health for travelers.

Food and water testing services are available for restaurants, hotels, food factories and water bottling companies. Medicare also provides Bacterial and parasite contamination tests, and issues a certificate detailing the results.

A mobile app that enables both the patient and the treating physician to access test results from any location at any time. The application includes a complete medical guide to ease the search process for doctors addresses and contact info, it also offers access to new public health testing campaigns info and updates.

An e-service that gives patients and treating physicians instant access to test results via WhatsApp as soon as they are available.

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